For the "Best of the City" feature of the March issue of San Antonio Magazine I was tasked with creating photo illustrations for 3 sections of the feature and the opener of the feature. 
The challenge that arouse was a limited access to high quality photography, and a need to showcase multiple featured places on the page. The solution proposed by the Creative Director was to create these photo illustrations that simulated taking the images and cutting them out to create these sets. In this manner the smaller images wouldn't be limited by their lower quality, and the over all page would become an interesting collage for presenting the information. 
Clipping out the images was not particularly challenging but a time consuming task all together. The real challenge was in creating realistic shadows for the images to appear to be in a three dimensional space. Simulating lighting and shadows in the interaction between the items was a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed, despite only really having 4 days to complete these illustrations. 

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